Can you find the church in this picture?

This year, our mid-week Lenten series (7:00 pm Wednesdays) will explore this question:

“Can you find the church in this picture?”


While it’s common to think that the church is the building, that’s really a second definition. Much more, the church is the people.

But the people are only a tiny part of the church. This is just one congregation among many. The Christian community includes many others, and of course not just Lutherans, and not just Americans.

Join us in considering what the church actually is, whether it matters, what difference it makes in our community and world. What does it mean to be St. Barnabas in Cary—and who cares? Does it matter to be Lutheran—and again, who cares? How does a congregation relate to other Christians, especially when there are differences? And what kinds of cooperation can there be with others—including other religions or atheists—in serving people in need? Not least, what does all this have to do with each of us?

We will meet in the Family Life Center (downstairs) for an hour that will include worship, brief presentations, and discussion. One way to get started is to be thinking about different church situations you have experienced. Church as a circle of friends? Church as a glorious worship service in a majestic building with stained glass and a magnificent organ? Church as informal worship around a campfire? Church as people serving others at a food pantry? Church as pilgrims on a journey, or as a mighty fortress, or as a welcoming place of forgiveness and hope?

Come Wednesdays, beginning February 25th, to explore further! And remember, our theme this year is “Can I Ask That?”—so bring questions!

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